DBCN Project Highlights
Short News
DBCN is a terrific initiative that reduces daily news into short forms so that anybody who is busy with their daily routine can simply check out this brief news and stay current.
Daily Analysis
We aim to provide a comprehensive daily analysis so that consumers may check in once a day and rapidly obtain a complete understanding of what happened in the crypto world that day.
Multiple Trending Sections
Thanks to different sections for each news panel, users may search for news based on their interests. These categories potentially contain trending themes, NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain, Bitcoin, and much more.
We aim to provide an embedded section in the app where individuals who are willing to learn more about crypto can engage themselves in tutorials, videos, and learning sections.
Why Choose DSF?

DBCN Use Case

  • Get Daily Crypto News at ease.
  • Learn and understand the Crypto Realm.
  • Fast & Sleek way of getting insights.
  • And much more.

DBCN Community Perks

  • Quick & Sleek News at Ease for Free.
  • Multi-lingual feature for everyone to dwell into it.
  • “YOUR PERSONALIZED FEED” upon your interests.